New Cleaning Services at BenU: Sodexo and Campus Services Has High Hopes for Program

By Taylor Hoppe
Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Campus Services and Sodexo are offering a new cleaning service to students this year. The program is designed to help students stay focused on education while still enjoying college life.

“It’s a very innovative program,” says Jay Stuart, Campus Services Director, “It was designed to separate Benedictine from other universities.”

Benedictine is the first university in the Sodexo group to try the cleaning service.  Stuart says once the program takes off, they hope to promote it nationally. “It would look great for the university to be the pilot program for something like this,” he said.

“We feel as though when a student has a cleaner room, they’re in a better state of mind.  It’s easier to study and it’s an overall better environment to be in,” comments Tim Kazmierczak, the housekeeping manager.

“I think it’s a good idea because when my room is clean I feel more productive,” junior John Alessi commented.

The service offers personalized cleaning service to residents at Jaeger, Ondrak, Neuzil and Founders’ Woods.  When students choose to receive a little help keeping their room tidy, they can choose from three levels of service.

Silver Level Service includes high and low dusting, vacuuming of traffic lanes, emptying of garbage cans and the cleaning of interior windows.  This service is available in all residence halls on campus and is priced at $68 per appointment.

Gold Level Service includes Sliver Level services as well as a cleaning of the restroom and kitchen areas.  This is available for Neuzil and Founders’ Woods residents and is $70 per appointment.

Platinum Level Service includes Silver Level services, as well as washing of bedding, a thorough cleaning of the restroom and kitchen areas, cleaning of all carpet and upholstery, scrubbing of tile floors, and a cleaning of balcony and foyer areas.  This is available to residents in Neuzil and Founders’ Woods only and is $75 per appointment.

Campus Services says students can either choose to add payments onto their room and board rates or fill out a check to Benedictine.  There is also a bi-monthly option, which is $150 for cleaning service in November, January and April.

While these prices may seem a little high, Stuart and Kazmierczak say it’s well worth the investment for your dorm room or apartment to be a “more comfortable, relaxed environment,” and it seems like some students agree.

“I think it’s a good idea because it will give me more time to study while I’m not at practice,” comments senior football player Matt Brown.  “Cleaning isn’t always my top priority when I’m in season.”

Senior Laura Christensen also says yes to the cleaning service. “Students can get so hectic with work, school and clubs that sometimes they don’t have time to clean,” she said.

While the majority of students seem to agree on the positive effect of the program, Jacob Simonovich says, “I think it could take away from lessons you might learn in college about living on your own. Part of growing up is learning how to clean up after yourself.”

To schedule a date, time and service level, please contact Campus Services at (630) 829-6420.