Krasa vs. Coal Ben

By Roberto Castillo
Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I recently interviewed 50 people from around campus about which food establishment they prefer to eat at: Krasa or Coal Ben? It was a close call, but Coal Ben won with a 56% majority. At the end of the survey, the partakers gave me feedback as to what they feel an incoming freshman should know about eating on campus.

Students love to eat at Krasa for many reasons. They say that the food in Krasa is healthier. They also say that they have more options to choice from day to day. The all-you-can-eat style in Krasa is a huge plus! Although the students love many things about Krasa, they also have things they dislike about it as well. Students do not like how the food sits there uncovered during the meal hour, which apparently attracts flies and various bugs. Also, the times for meal hours are inconvenient for many students due to scheduling conflicts.

Students have a strong passion for the Coal Ben for many other reasons. They love how the Coal Ben is open for hours straight versus an hour and a half twice a day—making this easier to access for students of various schedules. Students also like how your food is made when ordered and can be taken back to the dorms. Others believe that the food tastes better than Krasa. The students, however, believe that the food is too greasy and don’t like how everything is fried. The students also do not like the lines you have to wait in just to order your food and then having to again wait for the order itself. The final downside to Coal Ben is due to students being apprehensive—they believe that the meals will eventually get old; the fact that they feel that food is overpriced does not ease the apprehension.

Tips for current and incoming students:

•       Switch off between places to eat to make sure none of the food gets old.

•       Bring spending money so you can sometimes eat off campus.

•       Krasa has the greatest food ever!!

•       Make wise decisions and don’t over eat—the Freshman 15 DOES exist!

•       Stock up on Mac & cheese.

•       Bring a lot of food from home.

•       Don’t spend too much money food here is expensive.

•       Bring microwavable goods.

•       Don’t eat too late!

•       Bring comfort food as school gets stressful.

Tune in next week for food ratings from meals at Coal Ben. I will be trying one meal a day to help students see what meal they might like. I will be rating the meals in categories: Taste, price, & quantity, the scale will be out of 5: 1) Very Poor 2) Poor 3) Fair 4) Good 5) Excellent.