Fall Fashion Favorites: Cowboy Boots

By Amela Gavranovic
Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of the best things about fall is that you get to bring your boots out to play! Cowboy boots are fall fabulous and chic. They are your skinny jean’s best friend, all you have to do is slip them on. They come in different shades of brown that go with almost any other color you choose to wear. For high heel lovers, there are cowboy boots that do come in high heels. Putting your best foot forward never looked so good. There is still some time to rock them before we get hit with snow, so act fast!

Although certain designers have cowboy boots out for winter, I personally find it tacky. Most of the time, it simply doesn’t look flattering to wear cowboy boots with a winter coat or hats and gloves. There are winter boots that have some cowboy features, which would be a better choice for winter. For now, let us all pretend that winter is a long time from now while hanging on to our cowboy boots!