3D Movies becoming too much?

By Rich Helmin
Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3D films still play a great role in the film industry and have been entertaining audiences since it first came out back in the early film days, but is it starting to become too much or is it becoming the start of something new?

Back in the 1950s, 3D movies were starting to become popular because it gave something new for audiences to work with. Audiences from that time era had never seen anything pop out from the screen before. That aspect alone attracted many audiences and was wowed by the technology that was used. This format was used in the classic 50s horror film, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” (1954). This particular film was different from all of the other classic films because it was filmed underwater and most importantly it was filmed in 3D. While watching a 3D film from the 50s-80s, the audience would have to wear certain glasses with red and cyan filters in order to get the full 3D effect, according to Since then, the 3D technology is becoming or enhanced.

People today are still wowed with the 3D format because movies in today’s society are more advanced then ever before and seeing the things come out of the screen seem more real. Movies like “Avatar” (2009) really attracted audiences because of how the special effects were able to create an amazing 3D experience.

Instead of having the experience at one place, 3D is becoming more available with its format. Instead of going to the theater, people can experience a 3D film in their very own home. Companies are starting to create televisions and DVD players that are able to play 3D movies. People still have to wear certain glasses while watching these films, but they don’t have the red and cyan filters anymore. The glasses are more like sunglasses. There are some movies that have the latest 4D effect, which means while the things are coming at you, there are many other things happening. At Universal Florida, there is a ride called “Shrek 4D.” It’s a 3D movie ride, but while the things are coming at you, the audience is receiving the feeling of actually being there because of the interactive effects. For example, if something is splashed in the movie, the audience gets sprayed with water to create the effect. This takes 3D to a whole new level and creates a new experience for audiences.

While 3D is attracting audiences, it’s beginning to annoy them as well. Within the past few years, Hollywood has been releasing many films, such as “Saw 3D” (2010),  “Shark Night 3D” (2011), “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas” (2011), “Fright Night (2011) and many more. Just by hearing these titles, I can tell that the films could have probably done without the 3D formatting. These particular 3D movies are annoying because the film is just a regular movie, but just has a few things flying at the audience. When seeing a 3D film, the audience should experience the full effect and not just a few things coming out.

Seeing a 3D movie can also be really expensive. Instead of paying the normal rate for a movie, the price is raised just because of the fact that it is in 3D. 3D movies should be the same price as 2D films because of students. Sometimes students can’t afford to see a $13 dollar movie, even though they might want to see a 3D film. The price difference could change someone’s mind into seeing the movie.

3D films will always have its pros and cons, but it’s interesting to see how far movies have gone since they first began.