ACP Day 1: Why am I a Journalist?

It’s day one of the conference, and I am bushed. I woke up at 5 to get to the airport, and the degradation that comes with that. After that came the three hour flight to Texas. Once we arrived, we took a taxi into town, checked in and got some much needed food. When Birks told me that we had to go to conferences, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Reluctantly, I went to a lecture titled, “Beyond Lecture: Let’s Write Editorials.”

To my surprise, it was amazing. Chuck Baldwin reminded me why I originally went into journalism. I went into journalism for you. I wanted to write news articles so the busy student could have an idea what was going on. You don’t have time to pay attention to what is happening on campus, so I do it for you. I write to let you know what’s happening on campus and in the world.

One of the strategies for writing editorials that Baldwin talked about was finding, “what do you stand for.” Once he said that, I knew what I stood for. I stand for the students. I am here to discover when a tuition blow is necessary, and when it’s ridiculous. I am here to find out what student senate is doing for you. I will be controversial. I will be disliked by people in power, but if I help you–I don’t care how unpopular I am.

Yeah, this sounds a little overblown, and it probably is, but it will help to direct me. If I constantly believe that I am trying to serve you, I will constantly try to serve you.

Besides that, Texas is going great. I had dinner with some cute girls, heard some interesting lectures and made some good contacts. I hope that you are doing equally as well.

In short journalists have one of two jobs. Either to make you feel as is you were in an event, or to boil down complex issues into an easily digestible story. I am shooting for the former.

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