When walking through the halls, and especially on the stairs, please remember that basic traffic rules still apply. Here are some handy tricks for those of you who can’t walk.

1.) If the place is flooded with students, walk on the right side of the hallway.

2.) Don’t walk against the flow of people–it doesn’t get you anywhere faster it just makes you run into more people.

3.) Don’t stop in the middle of the stairs to talk. Its not a lounge, its a landing, and I’m late for class.

4.) There is only room for two people on the staircase, so pick a side (see #1).

5.) If you don’t have anywhere to be it doesn’t mean that you have to walk slowly–there are still people behind you.

6.) Your scooter is stupid.

7.) If you can walk and text that is awesome, but most likely you can’t.

However most walkers on this campus are really cool about holding doors, and that’s nice.