Status Update: Matt is … 23; Exhausted; the New “Old”

So, first of all I would like to thank everyone who has taken some time to visit this blog from time to time. I would also like to apologize for the lapse in posts, seeing as how our last one was a week ago.

Some of that blame can be put squarely on me and my family’s line of events these past two weeks. Here’s a summary of the holidays in my family around this time…

Sept. 26 – My fiance’s dad’s birthday

Sept. 30 – My fiance’s birthday (21st!)

Oct. 3 – My mom’s birthday

Oct. 4 – My mom and dad’s anniversary

Oct. 7 – My birthday

Oct. 10 – My fiance’s brother’s birthday

That’s five birthdays and one anniversary in two weeks. How do you turn down someone who wants to help you celebrate the day that you came into existence, even though your mind is stuck on all the responsibilities you have?

Not only have family obligations gotten in the way for me personally, but we’re also all new at this! I’ve read other people’s blogs from time to time, but for the most part I’ve kept my own opinions and thoughts to myself. I never got into the “blog craze” in highschool or even throughout most of college.

That’s another thing, lately I have been feeling “out of the loop” when it comes to some of the new trends. I consider myself to be a fairly tech-savvy individual, but I never really got into the social networking scene. I may have dipped my feet in and splashed around from time to time, but I have never fully immersed myself like some people have.

Maybe I’m more traditional (NOT OLD) than I thought. Leading up to my 23rd birthday, Maribeth (my fiance) told me on a weekly basis how I was “so old”. I just shook it off because come on, 23 is not old by any means!

I just prefer some of the simpler things. I understand how social networking sites might be useful, but I don’t need to be updating my Facebook status every hour. I go weeks without updating it usually! If letting people know every time you’re “stressed from classes” is what it takes to be considered “young and trendy”, count me out!

From now on, when someone tells me I’m “old” or “mature”, I’ll take it as a compliment. It was my goal to come to college in order to prepare myself for the real world, and if in my fifth year people recognize me as a mature, smart individual, then I feel I have accomplished something great.

So send me all the “bumper stickers” you want about how old I am, I’m ready to hit life outside of the highschool social status hierarchy. In the real world, you’re not judged by how many friends (real life friends accounts for 20% of your Facebook friends, in case you wondered what the formula for determining that was) you have, but by the content of your character and your interactions with everyday people. You can be whoever you want to appear to be online, but you can only be you when you’re walking down the street.

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