Punk’s Not Dead–but it is in a Coma

My favorite kind of music is probably punk rock. Punk is my main squeeze in music, the kind of genre that you want to settle down and buy a house with.

However, I usually don’t tell people that I like punk rock. I used to, but people would then start talking to me about how much they love punk rock too, and they would list bands like AFI, Coheed and Cambria, and Fall Out Boy.

That ain’t punk rock. That hardly even qualifies as pop punk.

No when I say punk rock I am talking about bands who play fast, angry, unintelligible music. Punk Rock is raw and gritty. Punk is less of a musical genre, and more of a live emotional release. Bands that I qualify as punk rock, are generally poor musicians. They lack musical talent, but they make up for it in passion.

Now, many people who used to listen to punk rock, will just say that the entire genre is dead, and these disgusting hybrids in girl pants are the closest surviving facsimile. This is not true. There are still some great punk acts out there–and they are not all just aging canonical figures who still feel the need to tour (Addicts, Misfits, NOFX and Dead Kennedy’s). There is still a good young group of musicians that drink beer, play fast, and scream about anarchy.

In short here are some more links to some newer punk bands that I enjoy. If I didn’t put your favorite group in here, I apologize. Just comment with a link.

Lower Class Brats, The Screaming Females, Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards, Rich Kids on LSD, and the Yuppie Pricks.

Thank you For your time,

P.S. I also think that the large upsurge of new indy rockers borrow a lot from the original punk rock movement. You can taste the influence in bands like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and early Kings on Leon

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