A White Boy Reflects on Hip-hop

I used to hate hip-hop, but that’s because I thought that hip-hop was what they played on the radio. That’s not hip-hop. Overly synthesized pop, with someone without any flow talking about money, overly priced drinks and “tha club”–that’s just a modern minstrel show. 

Real hip-hop has soul. Real hip-hop talks about life. It talks about the BS that everyone goes through–and I love it. Real hip-hop is not samples of once popular songs–its drums, bass, and lyrics that don’t stop. In real hip-hop the voice doesn’t just tell a story–its an instrument. I can dance to Thes One’s voice alone. I love this music because its simple, but amazing. 

When you have a million things going on in a song, you’re probably covering up the fact that you suck. 

To anyone who likes radio hip-hop, I urge you to listen to some underground style hip-hop. It will change the way you look at the entire genre. For those who don’t like hip-hop I urge you to listen to the underground style. Its such a different genre–its so raw and beautiful.

In short these are some acts that I like: People Under the Stairs, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, The Roots, Danger Mouse, Hieroglyphics and Common

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Girl Talk is not a hip-hop artist he is a DJ who mixes classic rock beats and hip-hop lyrics, but he is awesome too.

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