The Candor

Adam Grabowski: Comedian, Life Commentator, My Fwend

Tomorrow, one of my good friends from high school, Adam Grabowski, will be coming to Benedictine to perform some comedy for everyone. It is a FREE SHOW so I expect everyone to hold off on their usual friday night festivities, probably involving inebriation, for a few hours and see someone who will definitely make you laugh.

I have the distinct honor of introducing Adam to the BU community, so I figured that I would start off today by linking to his websites so you can check him out before you come see his show.

Adam’s “new” website – Seems like it’s under construction, but there are some pictures and such on there for now

Adam’s YouTube page – Plenty of great videos with some of his material

A video Adam made JUST for his Benedictine show! See, he loves all of God’s little children. It’s actually on the front of his YouTube page, so click on the first link above and watch it!

See you at the show!