The most overpaid horrific Chicago Sports Athletes!!

Hey fans!

I am wondering who many of you think  is the most overpaid and horrific Chicago Sports Athlete.  Would many of you say Chicago Cubs’ Outfielders, Alfonso Soriano or Milton Bradley? Or how about Chicago’s Bears cornerback, Nathan Vasher? Big  Lazy, excuse me I mean Big”Z” Carlos Zambrano?

Personally, I believe all of them are horrible. If they all prove me wrong, then I will admit I am wrong. I really don’t think they will though.

How about I start with the most recent man, Alfonso Soriano, he just had successful knee surgery. Can anyone say COVER-UP? He is a horrible player who can’t field, hit or catch. Let’s face it, four seasons ago, he performed his butt off and found some clowns to pick up a HUGE CONTRACT and his ace in the hole was the Chicago Cubs. Soriano received $136 for eight seasons… RIPOFF!  Many of you may be saying well you didn’t say that when he was producing the last two  seasons. NEWSFLASH: Yes, I did. I have never liked Soriano. First of all he makes too many stupid errors, he needs to stop with that damn hop whenever he fields a ball correctly, which is once every blue moon. I don’t like him and I think the surgery was a cover up. No one, including him, talked about a knee injury the first two months of the season when he was hitting all those home runs. NO excuse: he’s horrible!

BIG Z: Wow, what a waste of $91.5.He is a good pitcher don’t get me wrong, but he just isn’t the same man anymore. I don’t know whats wrong with him. This is a guy who has Cy-young potential and for some reason, he is just bothered by little petty injuries. Arm cramps, back tightness,  not following through with workout regime. He hasn’t done anything since he threw a no-hitter last season against the Houston Astros. One minute he is unhittable and the next he has lost total concentration and focus. He is a veteran pitcher, this should not be happening at this point in his career. What is wrong with this guy?

Milton Bradley is a cry baby, who’s more concerned about fan treatment rather than putting together a good full season. This guy was bought to Chicago to utilize his left bat on the field and not against the Gatorade machines in the dugout. UNDERACHIEVER! He strikes out an awful lot and has done nothing to help the Cubs this season.

I’m not even going to talk about Kevin Gregg because he doesn’t even deserve attention, HE’S HORRIFIC, POINT BLANK!

Then there is Nathan Vasher. This guy doesn’t have it anymore and he  needs to tell the Bears he doesn’t deserve to start anymore because he can contribute elsewhere. Luke Walton of the L.A. Lakers was staring at the small forward position early last season and he went to head coach Phil Jackson and told him he could contribute with the second unit. This led to Trevor Ariza becoming the new starting small forward for the Lakers and the team became a better defensive team and Ariza is a better shooter than Walton. The Bears need to forget all about Nathan Vasher and start Corey Graham or Zach Bowman. They are better and more athletic. Vasher’s tenure in Chicago needs to come to an end and soon!!



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