Runts in the Soap

Anyone ever notice that the new, blue hand soap on campus smells like Runts candy? Seriously, it does. I used to love Runts and can pick out that smell anywhere.

Remember back when the good smelling markers were the latest craze? Everyone wanted to smell the Green Apple or Grape markers(because they were the easiest to identify and had the most distinct smell).

Now we have Runts soap, and I’m pretty damn sure that Benedictine purchased it directly from the manufacturer of Runts! Okay, so they probably didn’t, but i’m going to stick by my hypothesis until someone shows me written documentation proving me wrong.

I’m all for sweet-smelling hand soap. If it gets people to wash their hands more just so they can get that scrumptious aroma, then by all means keep it coming!

I’m serious…if you’ve ever had Runts candy, go to the bathroom right now and smell the soap. SMELL IT!