The Candor

Respect for Club Neon

So, last night was Programming Board’s first Club Neon of the year.  Although, fairly popular last year, the crowd fluctuated during the night.  Club Neon is designed to have a social event in the Coal Ben to get a little break from studying.  It’s a great time to hang with friends and meet new ones.  But, I felt like people love to be rude.

Really, the members of programming board devote hours every week to plan, prepare and brainstorm new events for the students at Benedictine.  So give us a break, it might not be the fliest club out there, but I think that it is essential to let go and have fun at the event.  I am very proud to say that the board this year is some of Benedictine’s finest and they work hard to make sure there are things to do on campus.

So next time when you come to an event, don’t laugh and walk through, but join people on the dance floor and dance the night away!  And if you have a suggestion about a new event or program, just let one of the smiling faces in the Neon Green t-shirts know!