The Candor

Let’s end my crazy week on this…

Ever have a week that felt like it lasted a year?  Well, for me, this past week has been one of the hardest.

Classes started for my senior year of college, my grandmother passed away and people who I thought were friends decided to write a rude email over things that should have and could have been discussed in person.  In our digital age, many people think that the only way to talk to another human being is to write an email.  It drives me crazy on how some people will write a text message instead of using the phone to talk. 

Things like this should be outgrown while in your twenties, but just like a bad penny, some people just “turn up” at the wrong time.  I believe that because of the constant email and texts that consume our lives with a constant need to know what is going on with everyone we know, that somewhere along the line we have been trained to become insensitive to what we say through text.  But an email is exactly that, it’s text.  it’s published somewhere and it is there in print for someone to find.  Unlike a conversation,an email is direct proof that something was meant to be said. 

Okay, enough of me complaining, but unfortunately I have already developed senioritis and still have lots to do before the week starts.  I am just annoyed on how impersonal mass communication has been over the past years.