The Candor

Chicago Sports Teams!

I am not a huge Chicago sports fan. However,  I love the Chicago Cubs, the Bears and I detest the Bulls and the White Sox.  The Bears are on a rise in my opinion and everyone else, I don’t know what to say. The Cubs are having a bad season this year, the Sox are on the same level and  the Blackhawks had a good year as well. The Chicago Fire, well I will let you fans be the judge of that.

Lets start with the Bulls, shall we? This off-season they have lost Ben Gordon to the Detroit Pistons for five years worth $55 million.  I will give the Bulls credit though. I did not expect them to take the former World Champions, the Boston Celtics to seven games but they did. They shocked me and a lot of people. They hired an assistant coach with no NBA coaching experience and he led them to  a .500 record and a playoff berth in his first season. Congrats!

The bad part now is that the Bulls have no big man and no perimeter scoring. Derrick Rose is a great point guard and he will be one of the best in the league very soon, but he has no compliment players. Luol Deng is always hurt and John Salmons was a good pick up late last season. Unfortunately that’s it for the Bulls. Tyrus Thomas is a jumping jack and he needs to stick to what he does best and stop shooting his team out of games. Kirk Hinrich is a good player in my opinion, he might be  a good fit at the two guard position, but it remains to be seen.

How could I forget about Joakim Noah, he is a player who has a lot of energy, but no skills. In the series against Boston, he was the toughest player and in a sense that’s horrible. My most recent memory of Noah was him dunking on Paul Pierce on a fast break.

The Bulls had the opportunity to get David Lee from the New York Knicks, Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz and yet nothing has been done. Instead, the Bulls are believed to be interested in Carlos Arroyo and retaining backup center Aaron Gray. This is not going to get it done, Chicago!

The Bulls have been on a drought since the “Jordan Era” ended in 1998. Think about the talent the Bulls have traded away or let walk from the organization: Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Tim Thomas, Chris Duhon, Jamal Crawford, Ben Gordon, Donyell Marshall and Trenton Hassell.

Nothing to say about the Chicago Cubs and The Chicago White Sox because both of them are done. I know the wild card is there, but  once again, get ready for next season for both teams.  Get rid of Ozzie  Guillen and Sit Alfonso Soriano down!!

The Bears will be very good this season if everyone is healthy and producing. There is no hiding the fact that Lovie Smith’s job is on the line this season and anyone who doesn’t think so is crazy. He and the bears haven’t done anything since 2006. the year they went to the Superbowl.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am looking forward to the upcoming season and I think it will be one to remember. Don’t forget fans, we have a quarterback this year as well.

So get excited Chicago Sports fans, at least about FOOTBALL!