Life Working in Retail

So, for those of you that know me … you probably know that I work in retail … and for those of you that don’t know me … now you know.

Working in retail is the biggest pain you can experience. I mean come on; making sure all the eyeliners are in the correct spot is a complete pain in the butt! You’ve got the black, the very black, the brownish black, the ebony, the chestnut and the list goes on and on. But even worse than eyeliners … working in the toy department. Talk about making sure everything is in the right spot during Christmas time! Yikes! It’s horrible! Trust me. I’ve worked my share in retail. The worst part is when people come in with their many kids and let them play in my area like it’s the zoo! Sometimes, I seriously want to pass out leashes to the parents for their kids because yes, it can get that bad.

So, I bet you’re probably wondering why I am writing about working in retail?! Well, for one, I would love it if everyone would be a little bit more respectful when shopping. If you don’t want an item, please don’t throw it anywhere. You’re probably thinking, “What’s one item?” Well, at the end of the night, that one item makes all the difference in the world. I mean it seriously bothers me when I find random stuff throughout my area or many items on the floor of each aisle … especially if I’m working the closing shift. I would love to get out on time so I can go home, but no, instead I get to run around my department like a chicken with my head cut off cleaning up after slobs.

So next time you go out to the store, think about how you’d feel having to clean your mess. My belief is that every person in the world should work in retail for one week and I guarantee that everyone will start shopping a lot differently. And then all the people who slave away in retail will sing “Hallelujah!” I know I would.

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