The Candor

Why You Should Read the News

Blogs are an important resource for those seeking to better understand the World. Since they can be updated instantly. The information on a blog is always current and topical. Other advantages that blogs have over traditional news is most can be trusted not to bow to corporate sponsors.

Of course I do not advocate the reading of all blogs, but if you search the web for a while you will eventually find an author whose opinion you can rely on, and whose reporting you trust.

For a blog to really be effective it should utilize the mainstream news. Since these larger organizations have the equipment, expertize and respect to do larger and more powerful stories.  News media is a very important tool in society, since people must know what is going on in our world.’

And knowing what is going on is very important, especially when it relates to politics, weather, policy and economics. Who taught you do avoid too many fats, salts, and carbs? Who tells you to bring your umbrella? Who tells you that the banks are crumbling? The  News does and you should be grateful.