Why You Shouldn’t Read Blogs

Blogs are the lowest form of news. Any half-wit with an internet connection can (and usually does) have a blog. These proud purveyors of nonsense and rhetoric use their cyber-soap box to yell at each other as loudly as they can, to inform no one and reach no rational conclusion. Usually they are no more informed or schooled than their reader. To read someone’s blog is to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have a valid opinion based in fact and are articulating it accurately. As children of the technological boom we should have learned to be skeptical of all web personalities.

So the question becomes: why can we trust the traditional news media? We can’t. These Corporate owned gate-keepers are no better. They have their agendas. They have their slants. And of course they have their advertisers and parent companies interests to project onto the world. The watered down tripe and fluff pieces that these dinosaurs of the American Media spoon feed their readers informs no one of anything substantial.

So the question becomes: why should we read any news? We shouldn’t. If the truth will inevitably elude us—either because we cannot verify the actuality of it or we are worried that we are not being given the entire picture because it goes against the interests of business—we might as well stop searching for it. Why should anyone waste their idle time in pursuit of something they will never attain? It is madness, and no sane person would subject themselves to such a barbaric daily ritual.

So the question becomes: how will I know what’s going on in the world? You won’t. However, you can take comfort in the fact that you never really knew what was going on anyway. Of course you learned of 9/11, of course you knew about the earthquake in China, but did you really get the full grasp of the picture? And if you did where you any better off for it?

So my fellow BU students, I urge you to stop reading the news.  Instead when you feel the need to know what’s happening ask someone who you can rely on to make it up. You will feel no better or no worse for it.

You will also feel no better or worse for reading this blog. So you might as well do that everyday too.

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