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Vampire Diaries Recap

by Tatanisha Wooley SCENE EDITOR The hit show Vampire Diaries premiere on Thursday, October 8 on the CW. The show opened with lead character, Elena Gilbert talking to an unknown person or thing. She was telling what each character had been up to in the last five months following the deaths of Damon Salvatore and … Continue reading

Enrique and Pitbull Set Allstate on Fire!

by Jessica Buettner STAFF WRITER This past weekend, I had the chance to go see the Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull concert with my parents. The concert was our first event as a family. Despite the fact that traffic was terrible because of an accident that happened, we got to the venue just as the opening … Continue reading

American Horror Story: Freak Show -Live Journal

by Karly Sacco NEWS EDITOR @karlyxpaige It’s that time of year! The new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show started on Wednesday, October 8 with an episode titled, “Monsters Among Us.” If you have not heard of or even know what American Horror Story is you might be a little “freaked out” by what … Continue reading

Why weren’t they bigger? A collection of actors who never quite made it.

by Nick Loconsole STAFF WRITER All too often in the movie business we see young actors and actresses never have their careers pan out like they should. It has nothing to do with talent or lack thereof, but for whatever reason some people just don’t meet their potential. Now some of you might be saying … Continue reading

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