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You know you are from Chicago when…

By: Tatanisha Wooley STAFF WRITER There are many things to love and complain about if you are from the Windy City, but what are some things that only people from Chicago would do and understand?   When you get annoyed by people who call the Sears Tower “Wills Tower,” it will forever be Sears Tower … Continue reading

Song Remixes: Do or Don’t?

by Karly Sacco STAFF WRITER Picture this, you are driving in your car and the summer air is all around you when your favorite song comes on the radio. Before the first line of the song has finished playing, you turn the dial up all the way and start rocking out, then all of a … Continue reading

Highlight from the Permanent Art Collection: Margaret Wharton’s “Chair”

by Teresa J. Parker, Curator, University Art Collection When is a chair not a chair? That has been a famous question since the early 1900s when artists like Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte made ironic art comments on real objects, either painted or re-appropriated for a new purpose. In Chicago, Margaret Wharton made her living … Continue reading

Lose yourself in what you love

By: Dana Mourad It’s hard to believe there are less than three weeks until the Spring semester is over. It seems like it was less than a month ago that we were all getting our books for the new semester and starting to organize ourselves to make this that 4.0 term. Finals are coming up … Continue reading

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