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Television Revives in The Fall

By: Jessica Buettner This upcoming fall, many stations on television are going to be releasing new shows. Varying from a new NCIS, to new romantic shows, it seems that CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC are the main four stations to turn to as the fall starts to come in. The variety of shows will catch … Continue reading

A Revolutionary Spark

By Hashim Arain Over the past month or so, anti government protests have been flooding the country of Pakistan. The protests started when a leader of one of Pakistan’s oppositions, Imran Khan, rallied the constituents of his party, Pakistan Tehreek i-Insaf, which is roughly translated to the Movement for Justice Party. Khan and his supporters … Continue reading

Candor on Twitter

  • Come to Kindlon 135 right now!! Free Pizza!!! 4 days ago
  • #NeverForget911 1 week ago
  • Remembering those who lost their lives in such tragedy Thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who fought and who's lives were lost 1 week ago
  • The candor is asking you guys for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards 9/11. Reply and let us know! 1 week ago
  • Be on the lookout for the newest issue of The Candor tomorrow morning!! 1 week ago

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