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Taylor Swift- Country Girl to Pop Star

By Jessica Buettner Many people have been hearing about the new things that famous country singer; Taylor Swift is going to be showing the world through her new music. In order for her to spread her message, she promoted her upcoming album 1989 on a live stream on Yahoo! by premiering the music video that … Continue reading

A Shockwave Effect

By: Hashim Arain @Hashia93 The events in Ferguson, Missouri during the past couple weeks have caused quite a stir throughout the nation. The events all started after the shooting of an unarmed African American teenager named Michael Brown, who was shot by a local Ferguson police officer. The shooting of Brown caused protests throughout the … Continue reading

Candor on Twitter

  • Stay tuned for details and an article! 4 hours ago
  • An explosion occurred in Coal Ben due to issues with the boiler in the adjacent power house, said BenU officials. 4 hours ago
  • An EXPLOSION is being investigated at Coal Ben! Some windows broken, smoke/dust,but thankfully no injuries reported. Campus is NOT in danger 5 hours ago
  • Happy Labor Day my friends!!! 1 day ago
  • I posted 44 photos on Facebook in the album "The Candor at Eagle Stop!" 6 days ago

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