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Procrastination At Its Finest

By: Tai Cole STAFF WRITER Since midterms are underway for Benedictine students, it is always beneficial to be reminded of some helpful tips to stay on top of your game. As you were always told, it is good to stay nourished, get enough sleep, and study on a regular basis; but now that you are … Continue reading

College Dropout Billionaire Changes Healthcare Ways

By Jessica Buettner STAFF WRITER At 19-years-old, Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of her chemical engineering degree from Stanford University and used the rest of her tuition money in order to fulfill a new idea that would change the landscape of healthcare. Having a major fear of needles, she came to the conclusion that the current … Continue reading

Unnecessary Hysteria

By: Hashim Arain Staff Writer Over the past few weeks the issue of the Ebola virus has heavily dominated the news cycle. Particularly after some cases of it were detected in one American who came back from Africa. The Ebola virus has been rampant in some parts of Africa, specifically in the country of Liberia. … Continue reading

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