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Adding to future history books

Sara Haque Editor in Chief @sarahaque102 This past month has put an affective toll on our country. The fatal incident of Michael Brown shook the entire nation, bringing up the controversy of racial discrimination and forming mass protests specifically in Brown’s hometown. These protests have created tension amongst the public and the police force ending … Continue reading

unity for the ALS challenge

Zeba Haseeb Perspectives Editor @Zebahaseeb392 Thousands of videos have been uploaded on the Internet of people throwing buckets of ice water over their heads. Why? The ALS ice bucket challenge has swept not only the whole nation, but also the entire world. The ALS disease, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease … Continue reading

Protests for unity in Gaza

Hashim Arain Staff Writer @Hashia93   The events in Gaza and Israel this summer have prompted protests from around the globe. The main purpose of these protests was to provide awareness of what is going on in the city of Gaza and Israel currently. There have been breakouts of violence between the Israeli Defense Force … Continue reading

Candor on Twitter

  • I posted 44 photos on Facebook in the album "The Candor at Eagle Stop!" 18 hours ago
  • If you signed up today, stay tuned for an email from the section editors with opportunities to write! :) 1 day ago
  • Thank you everyone for stopping by today! We met so many people interested in writing for The Candor! You guys... 1 day ago
  • Come take a picture with us!! #CandorCam 1 day ago
  • First print issue is complete! Make sure to pick up the new print filled with breaking news! TRUST US, You don't want to miss out #TheCandor 3 days ago

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