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Chaos of Construction on Campus

By Zeba Haseeb Perspectives Editor The apparent nuisance in the center of the quad is driving the whole campus insane. The project that began late last semester is just becoming more obnoxious as the weeks go by. The business building that is to be finished by next fall has created countless amount of issues for … Continue reading

The Haunted Halls of Benedictine

By Tai Cole STAFF WRITER As the month of October reaches an end and Halloween approaches, many love to participate in the tradition of telling the most chilling tales they can conjure up. Fortunately for Benedictine University students, there is an array of scary stories that many students and teachers alike can pass on to … Continue reading

A Noteworthy Shift

By Hashim Arain STAFF WRITER @hashia93 There was some stunning news that broke as Catholic bishops gathered in Rome for a two-week Synod, where bishops gather to talk about issues that are seen as important to the Catholic Church. One of these issues is whether to welcome gay and lesbian people into the Church. It … Continue reading

Catastrophic Changes in the NBA

by Tai Cole Staff Writer As opening day draws near for the NBA season, fans can come to expect a lot out of their favorite teams. While negotiations and deals are being made, fans will continue to speculate and rumors will spread. The Chicago Bulls saw their top two players, Luol Deng and Derrick Rose, … Continue reading

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