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Contemplating on a Smoke-Free Campus

By Karly Sacco NEWS EDITOR @karlyxpaige Benedictine University’s Lisle campus has begun their investigation stage in becoming smoke-free, according to Linda Owens, Associate Dean for Student Development. The Springfield Campus of Benedictine University has already become smoke-free. Springfield’s policy went into effect on August 1, 2014, according to the Benedictine University’s Springfield website. The Student … Continue reading

Women’s Self Defense Class

Sara Haque @sarahaque102 Editor-in-Chief The Benedictine University Ministry hosted a women’s self defense class on Wednesday September 10th in the Founder’s Woods Clubhouse. The class entailed a full service of moves and techniques for when one may be placed in an unfortunate situation where the attacker becomes physical. The instructors used hands on methods for … Continue reading

Farmers Market

By Karly Sacco NEWS EDITOR @karlyxpaige Benedictine University hosted their annual farmers market on September 11th in the quad area in from of Jaegar, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  “I think it’s more than just a farmers market because it gets people out of their office and they are talking and greeting each other … Continue reading

UNICEF Water Walk

Moudar Jano Staff Writer The Benedictine University UNICEF organization hosted the annual Water Walk on Saturday September 13th outside of the Rice Center. The water walk is a race that is intended to demonstrate to the participants the difficulty in gaining access to water in the impoverished sub-Saharan countries in Africa. This is because of … Continue reading

Candor on Twitter

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